New Shooters



Relax, Be Safe and Have Fun

1. Hearing and Eye protection is MANDATORY on the range for Participants and Spectators.

2. No handling of firearms on the range. You may only handle your firearm in the designated Safety Area or only on the firing line when it is your turn to shoot, but do not load it until the Range Officers (RO) tells you to “make ready”.

3. All holsters must cover the trigger guard and trigger when firearm is in the holster and should retain your gun securely. NO cross draw holsters, shoulder holsters or tie down thigh holsters are allowed.

4. All firearms must be unloaded coming to the range, remain so while on range and must be in either your Holster, Gun Bag or Range Bag, with the hammer down, until it is your turn to shoot and you are at the firing line or start position. Then you may only load your gun when the Range Officer gives you the command to do so. (“Make Ready.” This will be the command).

5. In the Safety Area always keep the muzzle of the firearm pointing low and at the back berm of the safe area.

6. No ammo of any kind can be handled in Safety Area. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded at all times.

7. The muzzle of your firearm must ALWAYS be pointing down range at all times, period. The safety must be ON or engaged before lowering a loaded firearm at the firing line for any reason (IE: holstering etc.). Be aware of the direction of your muzzle at all times.

8. You may load ammo into your magazines and speed loaders before it is your turn to shoot anywhere on the range, EXCEPT the safe areas.  But, you may not load them into the firearm until you are on the firing line and then only when instructed by the Range Officer (RO) to do so.

9. All firearms must have safeties (if originally equipped) and they must operate.

10. DO NOT break the 180 degree firing line with the muzzle of your firearm when shooting, holstering, drawing, reloading or moving from spot to spot. ALWAYS keep the muzzle of your gun pointing down range. If you are unclear about where the 180 degree line runs along ask the RO BEFORE you are ready to shoot. You can break the 180 degree firing line with out actually firing the gun and still be Disqualified from the match on that day. Never shoot above any of the berms, either the back or sides, All shots must be made that will place the bullet in the berm backstops.

11. DO NOT Sweep (Cross, Point, Etc.) the muzzle of your gun at, past or over yourself or any other person on the range.

12.When resetting the stage, (taping targets, picking up brass, setting up steel) DO NOT proceed past the firing line until the Range Officer gives the command: “RANGE IS CLEAR” before proceeding down range. Always look and make sure that the range is clear, also that the shooter has secured his firearm, before going past the RO and competitor

13. When watching others shoot, stand well back from firing line.

14. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your firearm is empty at the end of your course of fire. Unload the firearm, Keeping it pointed down range, check the gun chamber yourself and then show it to the range officer, then follow his commands. (IF Clear, Hammer down, Holster , Range is Clear.” This will be the command)

15. When moving from one Position on a course of fire to another position (IE: moving) You must take your finger off of the trigger and out of the trigger guard. Also take your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard when reloading.

16. You can be disqualified for unsafe gun handling which involves: an accidental discharge, shooting over the berms, sweeping, breaking the 180, handling your firearm on the range, having ammo in the safe area, having your finger in the trigger guard while moving or reloading and dropping a loaded firearm.

17. If you drop your firearm on the range, DO NOT pick it up. Keep people clear of it and have someone get a Range Officer, the Range Master or Match Director to retrieve it. Follow their instructions.

18. DO NOT tape targets ahead of the Range Officer that is calling out the scored hits

19.It takes everybody to help make the matches go smooth and quick. Be helpful, paste targets or reset steel. Also know when you are up to shoot and be ready to begin when called. After the match while your waiting for results, please help break down all stages., All props are to be returned to the prop building and police all brass and bring to the covered area.

20. Once again Relax, Have Fun and Be safe